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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  September 6, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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just a week out from primary elections, a problem turns up in prince george's county. >> allegations of election frauds all stemming from fake ballots. fox 5 morning news continues right now. good morning to out this monday morning. we get a nice shot of our nation's capital today and the -- off in the distance, the washington monument. thank you for being here. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. glad to have you along with us this morning. the remnants of hurricane earl hit parts of canada over the weekend. more than 250 customers were without power saturday night in nova scotia when the peak of the storm hit. it is being blamed for one death outside of halifax. the canadian hurricane center
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says earl made landfall around 10: 30 saturday morning. at that point, it was a category one hurricane. >> seems like that is all we were talking about last week. all in all, turned out it be a beautiful weekend for us. >> not only here in washington but generally the beaches all the way from the carolinas up to southern new england. what a nice day yesterday. going to be more of the same today. going to be a little bit warmer but that will be the worst of the forecast. we'll have temperatures in the 80s after a nice, cool start. we'll take a look at current conditions. here in washington, we are 63- degree. it is downright cool in many spots with temperatures in the upper 40s in a few locations and low 50s. again, great start to the day. humidity, 60%. we have these cool overnights an we warm right -- and we
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warm right up during the day. shower and thunderstorm activity well to the north and west. that went get in here today. another day of blue skies and temperatures a few degrees warm he than they should be. a little bit warmer than yesterday with highs in the 80s. there you go, high temperature, 83, 85 with just a couple of clouds in the forecast this afternoon. >> sounds mask plus. >> should be fantastic. >> let's check in with lauren demarco to see about the commute. >> effect is running at speed even despite a couple of accidents that we do have working out there. want to take a live look at the american legion bridge. perfect example as you head on the inner loop from virginia into montgomery county. can you see there is some accident activity there in the center of your screen. it is off to the left side of the road and not causing any problems for you if you are headed up towards the bethesda area. heading from maryland into virginia on the outer loop to the right of your screen not affected, no travel lanes blocked and effect is running
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just fine. wide open there. 95 in virginia, southbound, same story, we've got an accident just south of this scene, south of lorton right before route one in woodbridge. it is off to the right shoulder and you can see not causing a problem here. northbound 95 looks great in fredericksburg all the way up to springfield. vut host lanes pointed north but the restricts are lifted as is the case on all of our highways except for route 50, the john hanson highway. let's look at video we have an earlier accident, veil road at center ridge drive. this is a serious wreck early this morning of his there was an arrest in this accident. there was also some injuries. we had police police on the scene for some time directing traffic. that has been cleared out. your lanes have been reopened. this is the oakton area of virginia. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a quick reminder if your plans include metro today. five stayings stayings -- five stations on the red line are closed. here they are.
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metro continues to work on safety improvements. tacoma, silver spring, forest glen, wheaton and glenmont stations are closed. metro says you should add 40 minutes to your travel time if you normally use those stations. metro will continue to run shuttle buses between fort totten and glenmont. that metro service will resume 59:00 a.m. tomorrow. this saturday marks nine years since the 9-11 attacks. security at mosque as cross the nations will be i.n.s. creased and american muslims are airing ads showing solidarity with the plus ahead of the anniversary. this comes as tensions have come in the wake of a decision to build a mosque near ground zero. tomorrow, the islamic society of north america will hold a summit here. there will be a discussion of growing tide of fear and intolerance. just over a week now from the maryland primary and there are ask san diegos of election fraud coming out of prince george's county. candidates say fake ballots are circulating and they may be illegal. the ballots claim state senator
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anthony muse endorsed the candidates listed. when then when you palestinian to vote for his opponent that. opponent is just one ever three people muse blames for the fake ballots. >> i went to the three candidates who were the primary ones carrying it and i said to them, these are fraudulent. but having potential lawmakers say it me, you don't care if we're breaking lawsuit, we're going it carry them for three days. >> this is one of the types of things that made me decide to leave politics to start with. >> the fake ballot also lists candidate angela alsobrook as running for two positions. the turnout for early voting in the district remains strong. officials say more than # 300 people headed to the polls when four new early voting locations opened on saturday. -- more than 3300 people leaded to the polls when four new early are voting locations opened on saturday. incumbent mayor fenty is facing off in a heated race against
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council chairman vincent gray. there is no republican challenger. president obama will spend labor day in wisconsin talking about his latest proposal to turn the economy around. the trip comes as the campaign season begins to heat one democrats working to stop what some predict will be big losses in november. the president set to arrive in milwaukee later today. he will talk about efforts to promote job growth including a permanent extension of a popular traction credit giving a break for business research done in the u.s. the white house is also considering extending hiring inisn'tives and pay payroll tax holiday. >> my reaction is that we always like to see deathbed conversions but the fact is if we had done this kind of thing a company years ago, we would be in better shape. >> there have been a series of tax cuts for businesses but in looking at the pace of the recovery, thank goodsness, we are not shrinking, we are growing. >> onboehner recently pushed the president for fire his economic team.
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spread may address that criticism as well. taking a look now at the other top stories, two teenaged girls are recovering after a drive-by shooting in northeast washington. one of those girl is in serious condition. it happened last night on 53rd street. police say a man in his 20s was also shot. students at the university of maryland are asked to be on alert after a string of off- campus attacks. there is really never a good time to find out your spouse is having an affair but things can get especially complicated when they happen to be trapped undergowned for say a few months. signs of progress in the gulf. bp has pulled out what could be a key peeves -- piece of evidence in figuring out what set off that oil rig explosion. than the government requires.
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making headlines, militants attacked a military compound in baghdad killing 12 people injuring nearly two dozen more. american troops were brought in to the fight for the first time sin the u.s. comb bat operations ended in iraq. no u.s. troops were hurt. two of the attackers tied while trying to breach the gate. the same compound was targeted less than threes week ago. the 3 # chillian miners waiting to be rescued are now in their second month trapped underground and new tension is rising from the ordeal. two women above ground realized they were playing for the same man. one happens to be the trap ad man's wife and another one his mistress. other families members are also squabbling over who should get the miners' paychecks during the time it takes to rescue them. bp pulled the failed blowout preventer out of the gulf this weekend. it took longer than expected because the device had developed crystals on it. that complicated the recovery.
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equipment is a key piece of evidence in the spill because it is what allowed deep water horizon oil rig to explode. it is being sent to a nasa facility for analysis. a flight attendant who made headlines for quitting his job in a dramatic way is officially out of work. >> talker has a look at the forecast and lauren has a look at traffic when fox 5 morning news continues. a
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shut at least 38 people are dead following a series of mudslides and landslides in guatemala. fifteen landslides struck several spots on the interamerican highway after torrential rains. two buses are budied on the roads an heavy rains have forced rescuers to suspend some searches. troops have been sent in to help christchurch, new zeal land in the aftermath of a powerful earthquake.
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soldiers are searching throughout streets an badly damaged businesses a 7.1 quake struck saturday morning. no be was killed but the damage is so veer in downtown christchurch that access is limited to only business an building owners. central oklahoma has been hit by seaferl small earthquakes. six small quake hit eight. they were all centered near oklahoma city. and six small quakes hit in the same area last wednesday. there was another one on friday. no injuries or damage reported there either. >> they got nothing on us. we have 3.7. >> we don't want to think about that. we want to think about what nice weather we're having. >> what a gorgeous weekend. temperature in the upper 70s, low 80s yesterday. a lot of sunshine, nice breeze oust north. nice-looking day. today going to be more of the same. going to be a little warmer but it should be just a perfect late summer, earl fall afternoon for us with highs in the mid-80s. early fall afternoon for us with highs in the mid-80s. we are in the upper 70s at both
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dulles and bw incident marshall. 78degrees for an affect high. that is nice and cool up in baltimore yesterday. let's take a look at these current conditions and they are fantastic. very comfortable out there. 63degrees right now at reagan national. 51 in hagerstown and frederick. this is almost getting cool out here. martinsburg, 47. winchester, 47. that might be a little too cool for this time of year. you get the idea, nice start. good-looking forecast from the bay right up to the beaches. today, going to be a fantastic afternoon. can you see the clear skies this afternoon and should be another great one. lots of sunshine in the forecast. out to the west, we've got a little storminess but it won't get in here any time soon as this cloud cover and shower activity will be shunted north as we got high pressure park ad cross the area. eventually, a cold front will get in here wednesday
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afternoon. i don't think it will spark off any needed shower and/or thunderstorm activity. it will probably come through here dry and cool us down towards the end of the week. our chances for rain for much of this week close to none. forecast today, great one. get out and enjoy it. nice day for a barbecue. winds out of the south at about five miles per hour. later tonight, we'll be cool but not as quell as we are this morning. 64 for your overnight low with those winds out of the south at five to 10. -- later tonight, we'll be cool but not as cool as we are this morning. thursday and friday, more sunshine and we're right back into the low 80s. that is a look at the forecast. let's get to on-time traffic and lauren, is there anybody out there this morning? >> no, not really. in fact, it's great time to head back from the beach or from points north or south. i do want to do a very quick mention halfy belated birthday, tucker barnes. >> thank you. >> forgot to mention that earlier. right now, yes, things look
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great. if you are headed back from the beach, great time to go. no problems on route 50. if you are headed back, it is recommended that you start become before 11:00 to avoid any major snags. there is an accident on the american legion bridge. this is on the inner loop as you travel from virginia into montgomery county. it is to the left side of the roadway. because of that light volume, not causing a problem. the outer loop looks great. no problems from college park all the way around towards bethesda and crossing the bridge into virginia. everything running at speed. you will find your lands wade open. usually, we start to see things stack up from the beltway up past edsall road. you are wide into the 14th street bridge today. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. several virginia dmv offices will be open today. the state is continuing to try to clear that backlog of drivers license applications. thousands of people were not able to renew or apply for
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their licenses for days last week because of a computer glitch. dmv offices in alexandria, fair oaks, leesburg and woodbridge are all going to be open today but with limited hours. go to and look under web link for more information. a minor dispute between jetblue and the flight attendant who made an exit from a plane last month. jetblue says steven slater was fillly fired sometime last week. slater's lawyer as a he resigned and his leaving was not the air lain's decision. he made national headlines when he cursed out passengers, grabed a beer from the beverage cart and deplied the emergency slide to exit aplane at jfk airport. after i lot of speculation, it is now official. according to the show's producers, american idol judge kara dioguardi is stepping down. she won't return for the show's 10th season. it is part of a major makeover for the judge's panel.
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randy jackson is the only remaining original judge. rumor have been circulating about yen officer lopez and steven tyler possibly joining the show. our business beat is coming up next. >> that is what fox 5 morning news returns. s,rc
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with nearly 15 million americans unemployed, democrats and republicans are parring over the economy. >> president obama will try to soothe those is with a trip to the midwest. >> reporter: president obama hits the road this week on a new economic push. first stop, milwaukee. the republicans hit sunday shows pushing their own strategy. >> we need to bring checks and balances, tell the american people if we get back in control, we'll check this obama ascendend that has no limb it's
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winsle bring about balance by controlling spending. >> the american people want us to stop spending. they have lost confidence in this administration's ability and this president's ability to get this economy going again. >> reporter: mr. obama will unveil a proposal if i apayroll tax holiday and tax credits for business research and development. he is also expected to encourage companies to bring on new hires. democrats are defending the president. >> they are offering nothing new. the same old policies that led this country this close -- they drove us into the ditch. >> we are climbing out of a ditch. >> of a heard that before. >> there rob a few of us that have used that. the democrats have built the ladder. we built the ladder and we're climbing again. we have a long way to go as long as people are hurting. >> reporter: on the president's trip to the midwest this week, he will try to keep the country's chin up. he will unveil the economic plan. every piece of information
6:26 am
that is out there could make or break a candidate in an election season. >> that is why candidates want to make sure the information that is out there is correct. now, just over a week out from when voters go to the polls in prince george's county, allegations of election fraud are causing controversy. we'll get details when fox 5 morning news returns. 
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soy the remnants of hurricane earl hit parts of canada this weekend. more than 250,000 people out of power in nova scotia saturday when the peak of the storm hit. it is being blamed for one death outside of halifax. the canadian hurricane center says earl made landfall around 10:0 saturday morning as a category one hurricane. and earl is all gone now, right? >> earl is out of here. ever notice behind a hurricane or tropical storm, the weather is picture perfect. sure enough, up and down the eastern seaboard, once we got earl out of here, what
6:30 am
a nice-looking weekend. some spots on the cool side. ocean city, maryland, 53 degrees. fredericksburg, 56 degrees. our high temperatures later today will actually be warmer than yesterday. great time of year. cool overnight and then we warm right up as soon as the sun gets in the sky. our high will be in the middle 80s. fantastic afternoon for barbecuing. i'm going nowhere so i'm hope for any invitations. >> talk to julie. >> i'll talk to julie in a couple of hours. there will be a fall fair weather clouds in the forecast today. they won't bring you any rain or thunderstorm activity so all systems go if you want it play outdoors. 85 in washington.
6:31 am
we'll do an ask the weather guy and to i have anything else i have to to? >> that is all. that's enough. >> today is the last holiday for everybody, all the youngsters are back in school tomorrow including mine starting preschool tomorrow so you will not see me here tomorrow. >> you're in the coming tomorrow in. >> mom has to be dropling the babe -- dropping the babies off at school. >> are you going to cry (ee, i'm crying now. >> i guess you did go to school that early. that is very cute. have fun. if you are headed out anywhere, very nice ride. no problems to report around town. light volume if you are headed back from the beach. great time to leave. if you are traveling route 50 across the bay bridge at any point today, bay span does recommend you get there before
6:32 am
11:00 a.m. and you shouldn't find much of a problem. here we are suzanne nikolaus as you head eastbound to the right of your screen is the inbound traffic. wide open right now. usually we start to see volume building right there. no problems today with the holiday. no problem today. you will find the lanes are open. 270 also running well. take a look at the american legion bridge. we were following a minor accident and a disabled vehicle left over there. it has cleared out. both the inner and outer loops running at speed as you head between virginia and montgomery county at this point. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. if you are taking metro today, five stations on the red line are still closed as metro continues to work on safety improvements recommended by the ntsb after last year's deadly crash. the following stayings are closed today, tacoma, silver spring, forest glen, wheaton and glenmont. metro says add about 40 minutes to your travel time new normally use those stayings. there will be shuttle buses between fort totten and glenmont. service will not resume until
6:33 am
5:00 a.m. tomorrow. our big story, claims of voter fraud just a week out from the maryland primary. >> some candidates are pointing the fix are at other candidates and an organization that doesn't even exist. sarah similar monday is live in largo. >> reporter: gurvir, candidates many times hand out sample ballots before voters head to the polls. there is one that is now circulating that people are talking about that happened in prince george's county. some of the candidates say it is completely wrong. angela alsobrooks is a candidate for state's attorney in prince george's county. she says a fake ballot arrived at her parents' house and it listed her running for two different offices. now, the ballot also claims that state senator anthony muse endorsed the candidates listed inside but once you flip it over, the fake ballot tells us to vote for his opponent. now, muse is blaming three different candidates that are listed on the fake ballot.
6:34 am
one of them being his opponent albert chatham, kriselda valderrama and jeremy mathis. he says it is because he saw the supporters handing out these ballots during early voting in oxon hill. take a look at what he had to say. >> i went to the three candidates who were the primary ones carrying it and i said to them, these are fraudulent. you can't carry these. but having potential lawmakers say to me being i don't care if we're breaking law, we're going to carry them for three days and that was the response until the police actually went out and to make these candidates put down the ballots. >> reporter: now, so far, we've heard in response from the three candidates that he is accusing. in talking with glen ivey, he was aing that a criminal investigation is something that would take longer than the election itself and he really said the only option here is to punish those people that are accused or if they are even guilty of it is to punish them at the ballot box.
6:35 am
back to you. >> thank you. turn outfor early voting in the district remains strong. city officials say more than 3300 people headed to the polls when four new early voting locations opened saturday. there were closed yesterday but they are going to be open again this morning at 8:30 and they will stay open until 7:00 this evening. votes are casting their ballots ahead of that september 14th democratic mayoral primary. incumbent mayor fenty is facing off against council chairman vincent gray. there is no republican challenger. let's take a look at the top stories. two teenaged girls recovering after a drive-by shooting in northeast. one of them is in serious condition this morning. it happened last night on 53rd street. police say a man in his 20s was also shot. no word on suspects this morning. students at the university of maryland are being asked to be on alert after a string of off-campus attacks. the latest one happened saturday morning at heart it is wick road and prince ton avenue. police say a student was walking home when he was
6:36 am
attacked by four people and beaten up and mugged. >> just is be ware. make sure you walk with someone else. >> i go jogging by myself but never out here or at night. i usually go with a friend. >> if i ever feel threatened or i ever feel that there is something, i would just try to call 911. >> on august 29th, three stunts were wait fig bus when a group approached them and robbed one of the students. two days earlier, there was a similar attack in the parking lot one of the down the street. police are trying to figure out if these crimes are connected. coming up next, car care can take a lot out of your budget. we'll tell you what to do if you feel like your mechanic is taking you for a ride. fresh chicken breasts. they're individually wrapped, so you can cook what you need and store what you don't. [ male announcer ] perdue perfect portions. ready when you are.
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like their cars and the caned of car a star drives can say a lot about them. barbara terry takes us inside the rides of some famous people in her new book. i talked to her about that and what to do if you feel like your mechanic is taking you for a ride. >> if you want advice for picking up a in the new ride, we are joined by it is author of the new book called how athletes roll. this is barbara terry. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> when you talk about the celebrities, you've got an in- depth look at what the people were driving out there. >> when you put 40 great-name athletes into one publication, it is amazing the stories you are able to compile. things that were reported, things that weren't. i wanted to focus too on the athletes being not just the
6:41 am
ones that drive all the bling. not all the mazeratis or aston martins. but the athletes would drive jeeps or puckup trucks. >> some people who may have been prizefighters in the day driving smart cars. >> sugar ray leonard wantedded to use the book to talk about his belief in the environment. he drives a green hybrid tahoe. >> just asmart car because if you see one driving in the car, you wouldn't expect to see him in the drive's seat. >> you wouldn't. it is pretty captd vatting. >> i think what is interesting and you mentioned it, not just the bringed-out vehicle but a lot of daily drives are kind of the same thing that a lot of us would use. a lot of suvs, just trucks or regular cars, right? >> yeah. ettes personally their first vehicle. an old beat-up pontiac or an
6:42 am
old chrysler. so we can all identify with what our first vehicle was. >> what did you like out of the ones that you saw in the blinged-out vehicles. >> what may be my favorite may not be yours but michael extra hand's collection of his hearseed aies slr and some classics that he has. it is very complex and very captivating. just the fact that he grew up in germany so he learned how to drive on the autobahn which i had no idea. there are tons of stories and photos in the book. each athlete gets a six-page chapter of interview q and a and amazing photos. >> and some other aspect of their life too. let's talk a little bit about what we can learn from this and some of the things of being around cars. you have worked around cars your entire life, driving, racing, team ownership and reporting. one of the things when we talk about hitting the road, we talk about these things all time, what do you need to do to get
6:43 am
prepared to get your car in gear. we want to get the most out of our car that we can. >> it is very important to make sure our car's health is up to par. we want to run the right fluids through it, get regular scheduled maintenance tune-ups. the older we get, the more money we spend on facial fish cream. make sure to look at the fluids underneath your humidity. our oil is topped off, transmission fluid is topped off. 90% of our driving decisions are based on visibility. make sure you have plenty of windshield wiper fluid. an another thing is tire pressure. not only to keep the proper pressure to save 2% on fuel mileage but that is the only thing that cushions our cars. make sure all four tires have the right tire pressure. check the condition of your spare tire. you don't want to find out your spare is flat because it is made of rubber and it does rot. >> been there before.
6:44 am
before we let you know, i know a lot of my female friends seem to complaint about when they go to the shop or dealership, they feel like people look at them like they won't know what they're talking about and they might get taken advantage of. any tips for that? >> if you don't know where to go to get your car worked on. call your local better business bureau f hua tonight get a second opinion, there is nothing wrong with that. if you do go into a shop and the mechanic tells you he will -- he or she will replace a part. have them point out that part and tell you why it needs to be remaced. when you go pick up the car, have them point out the part that was taken off and the shiny part that was installed so you can see the repaar was made and you are getting what paid for. >> nothing wrong with asking questions. >> no, questions are great. >> we appreciate it. thank you for answering ours. barbara terry. new book is called how athletes
6:45 am
roll. thank you for being here. >> apparently, she was going to add a 41st chapter to get tucker barnes' sweet chapter. >> i have a volvo station wagon. will that be on there? >> probably not. >> she had good advice too for women out there. get a referral maybe. know who you are going to go see. >> great advice. >> so today will be a really nice day. starting off that way. >> it will be gorgeous. absolutely beautiful. high temperatures going to be a little warmer but i don't think most people will be complaining as we'll see highs in the mid- 80s. at least one 90 in the five-day forecast so we'll be warming up again if you still love the summertime heat. we are not quite done with it but we are off day cool start. yesterday's highs, fantastic afternoon. 82degrees at reagan national. bwi marshall was 78 degrees. this is are some of our coolest high temperatures in many, many months. current temperatures, check it out. very nice out there.
6:46 am
63 in washington. that is our coolest start in about two months. july3rd the last time the temperature was down to 63- degree at reagan national. frederick, 48 degrees. martinsburg, 47 degrees. winchester, 48. not sure we're ready for that. 50 in manassas. 55 as you start your morning in fredericksburg. there should be bright sunshine throughout the day. threat for showers and thunderstorms about zero later on than as high pressure is going to keep us nice and dry. look at the beeps. great-looking afternoon expected from the carolinas up to southern new england. that includes the maryland and delaware beaches. should be a great-looking day for you with a lot of sunshine and high temperatures in the mid- to upper 70s. nice breeze there. nice ocean breeze later this afternoon. cloud cover off to the north an west. won't get in here. we'll be looking at clear skies. i eventually a cold fortunato well out to the west will bring us cooler temperatures towards
6:47 am
the end of the week but it won't bring us any much-needed rain. it has been two week since we've had measurable rain out at reagan national. high pressure remains in charge. it will pass across the sun and off to the east. our wind will shift out of the south here so a little more in the way of humidity as you get into tuesday and wednesday. but all in all, should be a nice couple of days. 85 this afternoon. mostly sunny skies. a little warmer than yesterday with winds out of the south at about five miles per hour. and the all-important five-day forecast, a little warmer tomorrow for the first day of school. 90 on wednesday. thursday and friday's daytime highs, cooler behind a cold front that gets in here wednesday. we'll go with 81 on thursday, 82 on friday. so we need the rain. don't have it in the next five days. maybe some rain showers by next saturday. >> all right. it is time for, yes, can you hear it with spectacular sound effects, it is time for
6:48 am
ask the weather guy where tony perkins, who remains on an extended vacation, and i put our heads together to answer your most pressing questions. a serious question from chaz vance in bowie. can you please supplied why one side of a hurricane is stronger than the other. and we talked about this a lot with hurricane earl and the passage of hurricane earl. we are focused on the eye of the hurricane coming through and we said as long as not only the eye wall surrounding the hurricane but if we can stay away from the right-hand side of the storm, we'll be in better shape. right-hand side of storm is always a little stronger than the left-hand side. that has to do with the forward momentum of the storm. forward direction, the wind are enhanced on the right-hand side of the storm because of the way it is moving and the winds are weakened on the left-hand side because of that. for instance, a storm packing 100-mile per hour winds that is moving north at 10 miles per
6:49 am
hour, this is like one of those math problems. >> when did that train leave the station. >> talk to steve. he is the math expert here. >> what happens is on the right- hand side, the maximum winds will be 110 miles per hour. on the left-hand side, about 09 miles per hour. get it? >> got it. >> so very important when you are talking about big weather events, big hurricanes. for instance, many years ago when isabelle came through, we were on the right-hand side of that storm as it moved through. it passed to our west. and we beared the brawntd of it. speaking of storms and hurricanes and momentum. -- and we beared the brunt of it. our eighth storm of the season upbreaded about an hour ago. it will push off to the north here at about eight miles per hour. >> the maximum winds would be. >> on the right-hand side? >> oh being tucker.
6:50 am
>> thank you very much. >> i was about to ask you exactly where is she now. >> she is centered about 100 miles south and east of brownsville swra so when you talk about the right hand part of the storm, that doesn't mean really that what comes through after the eye of the storm is going to be harsher than what comes through before it, right? >> the strongest part of the hurricane is always the eye wall surrounding the eye. that is always the most intense part. if you had to pick a side to stay away from, it is the right- hand side. >> science and the math lesson. >> if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tap and tony will return tomorrow and we'll have a really hard question for him to answer. >> we have some simple math for lauren demarco. it is called count the cars on the highway on labor day. >> that is simple math today. things look good out there. there is a diets abled vehicle south glebe road at route one. let's take a live look at 95 as
6:51 am
you head northbound. -- there is a disabled vehicle, south glebe road at route one. to the far left of your screen is the northbound traffic. no incidents or accidents reported. your lanes are open and running at speed. all of our area highways with hov lanes restrictions are lifted except for john hanson highway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. back to you. >> thank you. this morning's health alert, coffee may ward off high blood pressure later in life. a study from the university of agentens in greece showed older people who drank one or two cups of coffee a day had more elastic bloods vells else than people would drank less or more. what would do you if awe lost a whole stash of cash, even if it is burned, shred or seems otherwise unusable. there is a group of federal
6:52 am
employees who may be able to get it back for you. beth parker has more. >> reporter: this man is cutting up a $100 bill. no, not made of money but he does work where they make money. this is the bureau of engraving and printing mutilated currency division. examiner sharon williams is opening a box of money burned in an armored truck fire. >> so what i do is try to pull them out and separate my notes. >> reporter: people send their damaged money here in hopes of getting it replaced. this purse with hardened stacks of old money was sent in by an individual. >> when the grandmother pass wade, he was cleaning out the barn and found it buried in the corner of the barn. >> reporter: sometimes it is accidentally shredded. so it is like like a puzzle. >> every day, they roll any car fuel of new cases here at the mutilated currency division. most it was arrives through the u.s. postal service had. in a typical year, they will
6:53 am
return $25 million to individuals and businesss. >> we'll get the elderly woman who is so grateful for the service because she is on a limited income and that $20 note that show damaged means the world toker. i think it is rewarding to make someone whole in some sense. >> reporter: williams has been counting presidential portraits here for 20 years. >> we have a pun time go by so you lose count. >> reporter: lots of cash rolled in after hurricane katrina. >> sometimes we do get the original content in the case, . >> water and all. >> water and all, bugs and all. you never know what you are going to get. >> she say far too man people try to dry money in the microwave. >> our currency does have metallic properties so it does catch fire.
6:54 am
>> you've heard the old excuse about the dog. >> they like $20 or $100 bills. >> incident rhetting. >> it is that. coming up next, we're take a trip back in time. >> lake way, way back in time. holly is in annapolis to what this year's maryland's renaissance festival has to offer. that is coming up. h , t
6:55 am
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>> reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. i hope you're having a good labor day so far. and maybe i can make it better. if you're in the mood for chivalry and 15th century fun. we are live in crownsville, maryland where they are ready for the 34th annual renaissance festival. this is in our area.
6:58 am
and some 280,000 people are going to come out this year and enjoy all that it has to offer. and that's a lot of people but they have a lot to offer. they have tons of craft and food vendors. they have a continuous show going on and this year it is 15 and 34, the year that is. and each and every day king henry viii visit and you need to come and immerse in the activities and this morning we'll give you a preview all this festival has to offer. come on out and enjoy. and it looks like i better mind my p's and q's because it can be harsh out here. >> we'll check you later on, holly. a big congratulations to sonia the black widow thomas of alexandria. she beat the top eater in the national buffalo festival, which is in buffalo, new york. she only weighs about 100
6:59 am
pounds and but she was able to scarf down 181 chicken wings in five minutes and that's nearly five pounds and thomas said she was still hungry after the competition so she ate 20 more wings. that's going to do it for the 6:00 hour. time to say good morning to allison and steve. >> and i suddenly feel ill. >> i think people are having breakfast this morning and i'm not sure they want to see that. coming up on fox 5 morning news, we are just about a week away from primary elections in maryland and this morning there are accusations of maryland fraud coming out of prince george's county. we're live with the latest on thinto fake ballots that are circulating with apparently bogus endorsements. an emergency alert at the university of maryland after two students are attacked. they are urging students to


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